The Suspension on the Hummer H1 is toast

When I purchased the H1 Hummer, I knew the shocks were bad. What I didn’t know was just how back the suspension was.

After driving home, I noticed that the backets that hold the lower shock bolted to the lower arm were completely rusted through and were literally dangling. The bolts that held them in were so rusted that they fell out.

Hanging shocks under the lower arms
Hanging shocks under the lower arms

I was nervous. Did I just make the worst decision of my life by buying a rusted piece of metal that I couldn’t repair?

It was then that I accidentally found a local Hummer & Humvee mechanic named James on Instagram (phx.hmmwv on Instagram). He commented on my post and I immediately sent him a message.

I ordered some new lower shock brackets and hardware from David over at He’s a well-respected member of the H1 Hummer & Humvee community so I felt good about getting advice from him. I’m not a car guy, so David made it easy for me to order the parts I needed literally just describing the parts. He even told me I can just email him pictures of parts and he’ll get me squared away. I did that later on that week.

So a few hundred dollars later, I had my parts and I dropped them off to James to replace them. I thought…