Rams Mobile civilian door kit unboxing.

I’ve wanted new doors since buying the H1. I’m just not a fan of the flat, boring, half-doors. I grew up looking at die cast Hummer H1’s for years since at that time in my life, it was all I could afford.

So knowing that, I’ve been looking for a set of civilian doors to replace them. The problem is folks don’t get rid of their H1 doors and when they do, it’s going to cost about 5k-8k in my experience.

Enter Rams Mobile or Rams Dealer. I’ve seen them called both names. They’re a company out of Russia that makes aftermarket and bolt-on parts for the H1. They make solid stuff from what I can tell so I was highly motivated to check out their doors.

I got lucky and chatted with Mark and Robert at ModMafia.com about something else and found out they were also reselling these doors. I saw a quick video preview on their website and wanted some for myself.

A month and a half later, the doors arrived.

Rams Hummer H1 V.1 Hummer Civilian Door Kit Unboxing

The doors are made from a composite fiberglass material and mine came raw with no primer made from a black fiberglass. The inner door panels and arm rest with handle come pre-installed. If you want to cover them in leather etc, it looks easy enough to do.

The drivers door has a single locking door latch. The other four doors lock and unlock from the key fob.

The doors come with glass pre-installed.

The front doors both have a window switch installed already. The rear doors do not.

The kit comes with hinges, strikers, and mounting hardware. It also comes with the wires to make it all work.