New doors – finally

New doors are ordered

I purchased my 1995 H1 Hummer with some baja-style half-doors from Plan B. They do the job, but this is my daily driver and I’d rather not have my truck open to the elements (and temptation) from people that want to check it out when I’m not there. I get it, I’ve been obsessed with these trucks for half my life and I’d stop and take pictures of them in the wild when I saw one.

I did some research and found Rams Dealer in Russia was making replacement doors with power locks and windows. This is a big deal in the Hummer community because the only available options up until now was soft doors like you see on older jeeps, replacement X doors that have no locks and a slide down window, or aftermarket doors that use RV windows that are pointless and ugly.

Buying from Russia is a nerve-wracking thought, but I saw that Mod Mafia was a reseller of Rams parts here in the USA. They posted a review of these doors with the x-door layout on their instagram and I was hooked. I called the folks at Mod Mafia. Mark and Robert made the purchase super easy and I can’t wait to see them on my truck.

Mod Mafia website:

Rams Auto website: