Aftermarket soft top

New Soft Top

My truck started it’s life from the Indiana factory as a 1995 gas model wagon top.

I purchased it as an open top (without the top) with half doors.

One of the first things I knew I needed to do was find a top. I looked for an OEM soft top, but being a 25 year old truck, they’re next to impossible to find.

The good news is BlueHummer sells a custom replacement bikini top for the Civilian H1. The top costs $1,400.00 so it’s a little steep, but it fits and works like a charm. I did go in and add some fabric weather sealer to the inside of the seams as I noticed the needle poked small holes in the top when they sewed the velcro along the front where the top rolls up and holds for driving with the top open. Once the sealer was dry, the inside of the truck stays nice and dry.

The instructions were easy to follow and the top basically seats itself so I was able to install it by myself in about 10-15 minutes.